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​​​The frequency of sessions ranges from twice/week, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly as needed. The first session is the intake session and usually lasts for 1.5-2 hours. All other sessions are for 1 hour. Group sessions are offered as demand requires.

Sessions are available from Monday - Saturday. For the convenience of clients, there are day and evening hours available.

Many benefit or employee assistance plans cover the costs of therapy. Check your insurance plan to see if they cover the services of a registered social worker (MSW/RSW) or a registered psychotherapist (RP). Please check your company to see what is covered.

​​​​Consultations are free of charge. 

All in-office Psychotherapy and Social Work Services are $ 160.00 / hour.  All at-home services are $ 130.00 / hour. Please note that a minimum of one hour will be charged on all scheduled office appointments.

The initial intake session will take two hours.  During this first session, we will go over past history, the nature of the current challenges in your life and develop our therapeutic relationship.  This initial session will allow us to look at the goals you have set for your therapy and will allow you to share any information that you feel comfortable disclosing. 

 This first in-depth conversation will enable us to work together at developing a possible treatment plan that will be suitable for your individual needs and objectives.  At the end of your appointment, you will be given information sheets to take home with you.  These notes will serve as a resource as we move forward. 

This first in-office appointment will be $ 320.00.  This first at-home therapy appointment will be $ 260.00.

Follow up appointments:

Individual therapy will be an hour - $ 160.00

Couples or families will be an hour and a half - $240.00

At-home therapy services will be an hour - $130.00

An official receipt will be issued to you at the end of each appointment