​Welcome to my therapeutic practice, where I support clients with their own identified goals towards creating change in their lives. The process of therapy begins with developing therapeutic rapport. Along the way, we look at the history, conflicts, and fears surrounding the presenting issue in the hope of making better sense of things. Whether you are an adult, youth, child, couple, or family, building on strengths supports this journey.

We are all in recovery for something. Having the courage to explore the dynamics of ourselves and our families requires a safe environment. We are happy you have connected and we I honour your courage to reach out.

All services are confidential, offered in a safe and supportive environment with warmth, compassion and non-judgement.

When you decide you may need to reach out for support there is no waiting list time. Appointments usually available within the week

Including: The Role of Emotions in Therapy with Rennet and Living with an Autistic Partner.


"Rennet has helped me more than any therapist helped me before"

"Rennett is just awesome. Pure and simple".

"Thank you for supporting my family"

"You are my kindred spirit"

..." this was a way better experience than he had with the other therapist. He said, "It was like going up to the highest level on a video game in people he could talk to!" He already started writing down things he wanted to discuss next time and he felt that he had achieved as much in one session as almost all the sessions he had with the previous person. I'm so happy that he  is willing to come back and open up to you. Thank you!"

"Talking to Rennet is like talking to a good friend"

"Thank you always for your time and inspiration. It always has an impact for us both".

"Thank you so much! It was the must useful and informative two hours that we have spent in a long long time. So much helpful information and guidance was given in an easy to absorb manner. Some of it was hard to hear, but we needed to hear it and I am forever greatful! I look forward to working with you more!"

" She is the absolute best"

"Rennet is patient and let’s me speak and when she talks I learn and feel better when I leave, like something was accomplished and I have a better understanding of things".

"I left feeling better than when I arrived, so that’s a good thing" 👍🤗

"The session was positive and reassuring. Looking forward to more learning and sharing".

"Amazing advice! Thank you"

"My adolescent daughter really relates well to Rennet and I finally feel like she is making progress. She was against therapy for a long time, but now likes to attend".

"Always pleased and grateful"

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  COVID-19 Update

We remain focused on the physical, mental and emotional well being of the clients we support and the broader community. We continue to support you with empathy, warmth and compassion through this unprecedented time.  

We are available by Video Online/ Teletherapy/ and Face Time sessions.

You are not alone.

We also have available EMDR Trauma treatments designed to address the overwhelming fears of COVID -19 at this time.

Evidence based research supports online therapy sessions as being

just as effective as face to face sessions.


Information about therapy sessions and availability.


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