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Counselling and Psychotherapy for children, adults, families and groups 
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Welcome to my therapeutic practice, where I support clients with their own identified goals towards creating change in their lives. The process of therapy begins with developing therapeutic rapport. Along the way, we look at the history, conflicts, and fears surrounding the presenting issue in the hope of making better sense of things. Whether you are an adult, youth, child, couple, or family, building on strengths supports this journey.

We are all in recovery for something. Having the courage to explore the dynamics of ourselves and our families requires a safe environment. I am happy you have connected with me, and I honour your courage to reach out.

All services are confidential, offered in a safe and supportive environment.

When you decide you may need to reach out for support there is no waiting list time appointments usually available within the week

Including: The Role of Emotions in Therapy with Rennet and Living with an Autistic Partner.