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Feeling alone? I can support you to build meaningful relationships

Always saying "yes"?

Learn to advocate for yourself and assert your own needs

Involved in a cycle of abusive relationships?

Learn what you need to know to end the cycle of further abuse

Unable to get over the loss of a relationship?

Learn to validate your experience and accept a new path in life

Getting harder and harder to keep a hidden secret?

Share your secret and explore your options in a supportive and safe environment

Living with shame and guilt? Learn how this keeps you from practicing compassion for yourself and makes life harder than it needs to be

Anxious about your children's challenges?

Learn how you may be reinforcing anxiety

Wanting things perfect? Learn how this pattern can keep you avoiding, procrastinating, and underachieving

Unable to get your needs met? How to be more effective communicator

Is your family life filled with stress and worry? learn strategies to reduce stress and build healthy connections


     Counselling and therapy services to children, adults, and groups

Online or in office options offered

             Genuine caring and  responsive curiosity to build self understanding

To Get Started


When you decide you may need to reach out for support    

There is no waiting list time

Appointments available within the week




Anger Management

School Avoidance



Life Transitions for youth and adults


Mood Disorders
Coping Skills
Relationship Issues
School Issues
Life Transitions
Disruptive Behaviours
Borderline Personality Disorder
Emotional  Regulation
Marital Issues
Interpersonal Conflicts
Personality Disorders
Trauma Informed Care
Clinical Supervision


Welcome to my therapeutic practice, where I support clients with their own identified goals towards creating change in their lives. The process of therapy begins with developing therapeutic rapport. Along the way we look at the history, conflicts, and fears surrounding the presenting issue in the hope of making better sense of things. Whether you are an adult, youth, child, couple, or family, building on strengths supports this journey.

We are all in recovery for something. Having the courage to explore the dynamics of ourselves and our families requires a safe environment. I am happy you have connected with me, and I honour your courage to reach out.

We are all in recovery from something. Having the courage to explore the dynamics of our families requires a safe environment. I am happy you have connected with me, and I honour your courage to reach out.

All services are confidential, offered in a safe and supportive environment.

Monday to Saturday. During the day and evening appointments. 

Frequency of sessions ranges from twice/week, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly as needed. The first session is the intake session and usually lasts for 1.5-2hr.  All other sessions are 1hr. Groups are offered as demand requires.

Many benefit or employee assistance plans cover the costs of therapy . I work under Registered Social Worker (MSW/RSW) or a Registered Psychotherapist (RP). Please check your company to see what is covered.

Methods of Payment accepted
Visa, MasterCard, American Express, cheques, cash and e-transfer accepted

Office Location
238 Wellington Street. East. Suite 216, Aurora. ON L4G 1J5                                                   

Services regulated  by:

Ontario Association of Social Workers and Social Service Workers

College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario

Personal Health Information Protection Act


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